Hello, I'm Yvonne.

I grew up in the Mid-West surrounded by my extended family. It was a wonderful way to grow up being so close to family. Then one day I grew up.  Just like that it was time for me to head off to college. I took a round about way but ended up in Colorado fulfilling my dream of living in a picturesque mountain town. In my process of becoming a Wildlife Biologist I met a guy. He was pretty special, so special I fell in love with him, and we got married. I call him the "Mister" and he's the best. 

We found our way to the East Coast and began living in the Nation's Capital. We love Washington, D.C. it is a great place to live. We had a few kids, grew our careers, and outgrew our tiny city apartment. Now we call the Virginia countryside our home. As a family we spend a good deal of time outdoors. Sunshine and dirt are requirements in our household. 

I spend my days raising my four spunky daughters and our rambunctious little boy to be really great people.  

I love coffee and with 4 daughters and a son I really need it. I enjoy cooking far too much food for our own good, seriously, I have a problem with quantity control! Which means we always have plenty to go around for pop in visitors. Normally I'm elbow deep in some sort of craft. Knitting is my main source of crafty distraction but I do like to get messy with other arts. When I get a moment to myself (haha) I like to read books but lately it has been lots of picture books. 

Thanks for stopping by, come back any time!



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