Friday, May 26, 2017

Pink Boots

Those pink boots. I can't tell you how much those pink boots make me happy. That sweet, spunky, Lady J marching around in her most fantastic pink cowgirl boots is about the best thing ever. This gal isn't going to let her outfit get in the way of her favorite boots. Rain or shine they take her where she's going and give her that extra skip to her step. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dad's birthday

The sole male, otherwise known as Daddy, in our house has a birthday today. All of his girls have been working hard on special somethings for him. Because we have three birthdays during the month of May I was very pleased to fulfill his request of birthday pie instead of cake. Since pie becomes an endangered species in our house I went ahead and made two pies. More pie is always a good idea. We made sour cherry (left) and strawberry rhubarb (right) pies. I have frequently reminded the children that the ice cream is waiting patiently in the freezer to come out and join the party.....later on today. It was after all 7am when the smallest girls were ready to begin the celebration. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day sailing

Normally I'd be in the Mother's day picture but this year is a little different. We spent the afternoon in Annapolis, Maryland and took a sailing cruise. We had such a great time. I awkwardly snapped this picture as I held the limp with sleep three year old in my arms. Not long into the trip she fell dead asleep. The soothing motion of the ship must have been too much for her tired little toddler body. I didn't take many pictures during our trip because I was just enjoying the moment. I had my sweet family with me and I loved every minute of watching them enjoy the cruise. I had my littlest child snuggled up in my arms the way she used to do when she was so much smaller. That was a little bit of heaven right there. 

I've been a mother for nearly 17 years. So much growth has gone on during that time. My children have grown faster than I could have imagined. I swear that high school junior was just in my arms clinging to my neck with chubby toddler hands curled in my hair. And now! Now she's finishing up her junior year in high school looking to the future of being a teacher for hearing impaired children. So fast this parenting of children goes. The growth that has happened to me is certainly remarkable. I have learned the depths of patience and the vastness of motherly giving. I can't imagine doing this parenting with anyone else but that phenomenal man. Give and go, up and down, having a great partner makes the journey so much better. Happy Mother's Day to you! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A garden full

The garden is thriving which makes me so happy. Oh the peonies! Such a grand flower with their lovely fragrance that fills a room. By far these are my favorite flowers. My grandmother grew these and I adored them immensely. What I later learned was that the very large prolific plants growing along her house were very special. Her mother had carefully taken a hardy root from the bush at her childhood home in Hungary wrapped it up and packed it for the long journey across the Atlantic to America. It was then planted in the small yard of their "new" home. As my great grand parents grew their family each time my great grandmother moved that peony came along until finally settling at my grandmother's house. And now my mother has taken a part of that ancient plant for her own garden. In my family gardening had built in tradition with stories of love and joy. 

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Tea and books

While on our quest to find big sister a teenage worthy birthday gift we dropped by the Pottery Barn Kids store. We spent a great deal of time in there exploring all the toys which are quite fun. She really had fun with the tea set as she put her Micky doll in the seat across from her. They chatted it up over a spot of tea. As play evolved she discovered the small display of books. She climbed up to the desk and flipped through each book. I was impressed that she was so focused on the books. How endearing is was to watch her spend just as much time "reading" the books as she did playing with the toys. Literacy starts young and is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Taking time for books each day where ever you may be is a good lesson I was reminded of by my little gal. 

Friday, May 05, 2017

A little shrug

The process for this little project has not been going as fast as I expected. It's an easy project one that I tend to make when gifting to new babies. I was supposed to have this all done last week and have cast on for another one by this point in time. I'm a bit anxious as I do have several baby gifts to send off. For some reason I kept missing my stitch counts. Then that put my raglan increases to a tizzy and that's how you get a lopsided knit. 

It's funny, definitely ha ha funny, that after all these years knitting I still get myself into some silly mistakes. I've been so distracted it's no wonder this project had to be pulled out 3 times until I just gave up on adding my own pizzaz and just followed the pattern. My creative thinking brain goes on vacation during this time of the school year. So many activities going on I hardly know which way is up. I'm driving people here and there and every where. All that time I thought would be great in the car waiting on the kids knitting just hasn't been there for me. Back to back everything is the name of the game. Most days I can't even touch yarn let alone have 10 minutes to work a row. 

So here I am starting back over making this project happen. It will be done and sent on its way soon. Right now I'm sticking to later in the night knitting so I can use my brain all by myself. There comes a point in your motherhood where you almost feel like you have to hide from the kids so that you can just think for yourself to let your mind rest. I realized that this knitting is what I need to release all that tension from daily life. My outlet to release that stress is by making something beautiful. I haven't been very good about getting that knitting time in every day but it's time that I do.