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Look at the size of that one

Norm norm norm norm

Almost Home

Home not soon enough


Make that a XXX

Heading to Horse Country

Thunderstorm alley

Tarp problems

Bob Dole & Arlen Specter a boyhood visit

Prairie Dog Town and rain

Eastbound Traffic

On our way to Denver

On to Durango

Mesa Verde sights

You have got to be fit to live here

Ancient Condos

Cliff Palace

The Palace tour

Spruce Tree House

Mesa Verde Trivia

To Mesa Verde

Heading East

Reunion times

Surprise Breakfast



Girls in Rawhide

Odd shopping stop

Desert Botanical Garden

Big cactus garden

Fountain Play

Put away that Velveeta


Let me look under your hood

Rise 'n shine Westerners!

Destination Successful

Wild child

Mystery thumping noise

Lunch in NM

Getting closer

I spy with my little eye......

Shamrocks Galore

My cuddling angels

Beer Run

Oklahoma beauty

Lunch on the Road


Peanuts and trucks

On our way

Note to Kitty care takers

Cherry Bed Gift

Sleepy Princess Olivia

At the family farm

Family portrait

Cousins on the farm

Blanket pals

Story time under the shade tree.

Posing at Granny's


Off to Ohio we go....