Lunch today

Today as with every Monday lunchtime is an experience. You see my children don't really eat. Well they do eat just not as much as I or other adults would expect. It surprises me how very little these girls eat and still manage to grow. For instance today they were being as bizarre as ever with their food requests. There was a minor revolt and then peace as we had a discussion on the lunch options.

I have broken down the conversation below:

Mom: Okay girls it's lunchtime! (calling from downstairs facing staircase to the upper level)
Leah: What time?! (responding from her room)
Mom: Lunchtime!
Leah: What?!
Mom: Please come down here for food.

The sound of stomping and random banging around is followed by two girls dressed in princess gowns entering the kitchen.

Mom: Hello ladies, good to see you. How about we find something to eat for lunch. What should we eat today?
Girls: Chocolate! Pancakes! Mac n cheese! Crackers! Apples! Cheese! Beans! Fruit snacks! Cereal!
Mom: I have an idea. A ham sandwich, crackers and peaches.
Girls: NO!

Insert minor revolt here.

You see there were some good ideas from the children. Such as chocolate, now that's what I want, but being the grownup I need to instill healthy eating habits in my children. The mac 'n cheese was also a good idea. The only problem is that my girls will not eat leftover mac 'n cheese. They are what I call mac 'n cheese snobs. And considering they only eat a small bowl each there is lots leftover from one box.

I know you may be thinking "Why don't you buy that easy mac single serving stuff?" my answer: 'Gee. I don't know. I guess I'm just not thinking'. I'll add it to my list.

The compromise was this: a banana, goldfish crackers, string cheese and a glass of milk.

Yes I know it's not the best thing, Martha Stewart mothers everywhere are appalled, but they ate everything. Both plates clean and tummies full. And that's fine with me. I still have supper to make up for feeding them an unbalanced meal. I get 3 tries a day, 21 per week....I'm doing great if they eat one good meal a day.


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