Bedtime Story and the chickens

A nighttime routine includes reading a book or two to our children. We all crowd together on Mommy and Daddy's bed and read. It's really a great way to spend time with the girls. I enjoy how they sit on my lap suggling with me. As does my husband.

Tonight the girls selected "Winnie the Pooh and some bees". This book is just one chapter in the first book, I like that the publisher has broken the book into smaller chunks, and the girls like the pictures. My husband never read Pooh and this book was his first experience with the AA Milne creation. Most people like my husband have been exposed to the Disney version which is based on AA Milne's but not like the original. I fine the humor in AA Milne's books perfect. He always wonders why I crack up over reading the book....perhaps it's my child inside coming out.

So there we were listening to Daddy read the story, Mommy laughing at the funny parts, and the girls mimicking Mommy's laughing. Half way through the story the girls became restless and began to fidget. They were rolling around the bed, standing up marching around the parents, laying down feet in air and finally plopping back into Mommy's lap. After the story Daddy being Daddy asks questions. Because they were fidgeting he was a tad frustrated that they didn't listen to the story and he wanted to see if they paid attention.

Daddy trying to grab their attention: "Girls. Girls? Hey girls."
Leah standing on the bed: "Yeah Dad?"
Olivia on the floor in a somersault position: "Yah daddy?"
Daddy: "Girls what did we read about tonight?"

Response of girls:
Olivia jumped up and dashed out of the room and began to do laps in her bedroom.

Leah began marching around the bed arms bent like wings flapping and clucking like a chicken "Bock bock bock!"

Then Daddy proclaims: "It's take down time!" The girls begin to scream and scramble running in every direction. Daddy proceeds to tackle the girls and carry them to their beds. Mommy sat on the bed unitl the girls were captured and then went to make the rounds of tucking them into bed.

So that's storytime at our house.


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