The Chocolate Factory

We attended a chocolate festival today. There are many events going on during this annual festival the most important being the eating of chocolate. Yeah sure there's sculptures, competitions, clowns, things like that. I am primarily after the tasting part. Oh yeah bring me the chocolate.

Being a confessed chocolate obsessed female wouldn't you have guessed that my two daughters have the same obsession. My husband, the good man he is, understands that this is a very important event for the women of the house. He gladly goes and watches us eyeball the vast spread. The key is to find the right treat. This festival is a great opportunity to try candies that I normally would not buy for myself. The girls loved it. They searched all over looking for the one thing that would be perfect. They found many items of interest but liked most of all the horse shaped chocolate pops. That was their treasure for the day. Mom found a golf ball sized rum truffle. Dad liked the eclair.

The only disappointing part: no Willy Wonka. Bummer.


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