The family pet

We have a family pet. Correction, I have a cat, Gaea. My husband likes to remind me of this weekly. And then I remind him that I had her before I had him. It's not an ultimatum or reason for anything just a fact.

The kitty is female of course. She's gray with yellow eyes and very furry. I adopted her while in college. She is quite the nice companion. She's my little fuzz ball. I love that she sits happily on my lap every chance she gets. She will purr and gladly accept a petting. She's also my default alarm clock. There have been many times that I have forgotten to set the alarm and sure enough she's there to get me up. She will sit by my bedside and meow until I wake. You may be thinking "she's just hungry". Nope. We feed her at night before bed, leaving plenty for the day ahead, she's a grazer. Gaea knows when I have to get up and ensures I do. No hitting snooze either. She'll stand on me and meow when I need the extra motivation.

I have been told she's "not the most friendly" sort of animal. That's the nice way of saying "You have a mean cat." I say 'so what?' She is what she is and how she is. Gaea is very particular. She will need to get a feel for new people before it's acceptable for them to pet her. Makes sense to me. Would you allow a stranger to pet you?

She likes me and the family, even my husband, though he refers to her as the "enemy". Really they are not enemies.

Reasons why Keith doesn't want to like the cat
1. She doesn't have a job (no $$ coming in only $$$ going out)
2. She likes to sleep all day (if he can't sleep in no one should)
3. She eats smelly food (a spoonful of the canned food is her treat)
4. She likes to be petted (work)
5. She likes to sleep on our bed (that's our bed not hers)
6. She likes to sleep between/near us (he doesn't like to share the bed, see 5)
7. She's a cat and a female (not a pet fan and now he's really out #ed)

He likes to drive her bonkers just because he can. He claims this as his right and enjoys teasing her. A typical scenario is: Keith getting dressed in the morning notices a very sweet kitty Gaea sleeping on our bed. (That's her favorite place to sleep.)

Keith will announce: "Gaea! Gaea!" trying to get her attention.

"You have it sooooo good here. You eat, sleep all day and then we pet and love you. That's it! You need a job." He will proceed to grab the cat under her shoulders and carry her around the room feet facing away from him. (This was learned the hard way) Then he holds her above his head and tries to cradle her like a baby. All the time the cat is freaked meowing nervously wondering what is next. He will usually toss her back onto the bed there about she takes the chance to flee the room. Mind you that during witnessing said manhandling of my cat I am asking my husband to please put the cat down and stop bothering her. Of course that is often unheard since he's usually chatting away at the cat about how she needs she's a lazy teenager. Sigh.

Now don't think this cat is stupid. She's not. That's the best part about her. (And that she has never jumped onto anything high, a counter or other eating surface) She can wait and take her revenge when Keith least expects late at night in a dark staircase. You see, Gaea will only "dive bomb" attack Keith. In fact she only tackles him. For example on his way down stairs to the office she will run behind him and attack his feet and "bite the dickens" out of them or at least that's how he describes the sensation.

Despite all these bothersome encounters they seem to enjoy each other's company. I have caught her sitting on his lap snuggling while getting a petting a few times. This happens late a night when no one is supposed to be watching. She will cuddle up with him at night in bed. So it's just a crazy relationship they have.

Comments from the kids about the cat:
Why does the kitty have short legs and long legs?
Why is she furry?
What does she do on the bed?
Why does she like her food?
Does she like tea?
Does the kitty have friends? Does she get lonely?
Why is the kitty grumpy sometimes?
Most comments are in the form of questions. Tis the way of little kids.


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