A Good Father

My husband is a great father and I love him for it.

My daughter was being a bit difficult. After supper there was an issue between her and the younger sister. I think it was a dispute over a toy. Leah was not being very nice to her sister and upset her to the point of crying. Olivia was very sad and I went to find the reason behind the crying. Leah was not answering to me nor her sister.

Daddy asked what was going on and asked her to come in and see him in the kitchen. She was not communicating with my husband. She was very grouchy and refused to talk. I escorted her to the kitchen. She was giving us the "shoulder response". With her arms crossed nose in the air eyes closed lips pursed and vocalizing "Huuhmmm" gruffly.

It was irratating me and him. However in his ever wonderful way he was able to break her bad attitude. He ploped her onto the counter as he cleared the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. He asked her about her day.

Daddy: "How was your day? What did you do today?"
Leah: "shoulder response"

With no response he began by telling her about his day. Work tasks and random things that happened there. Soon her cold attitude warmed up and she began to talk. Before long the issue was resolved and we were back to our normal night.

His sly way of resolving problems is wonderful. No getting upset, not rasing his voice. I love that and the girls will be better people because of it.


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