The Meaning of Lent

On the car ride home from church Leah had a lesson on the meaning of Lent. Daddy explained the reason why for 40 days Catholics give up something, typically a food item. Leah was quite the funny girl. The simplicity of a 4 year old's outlook is generally humorous.

Daddy: "Leah what are you giving up for Lent?"

Leah: "We girls like to eat everything. So we don't give up anything."

Daddy: "I understand that you like everything. However that does not eliminate you from participating. Everyone gives up something they like. You will need to choose something."

Leah: "I'll give up popsicles." followed by uncontrollable laughing.

Today after mass the Knights of Columbus had donuts. Which was a wonderful surprise for the girls. Like their Daddy they love donuts. They were extremely well behaved during mass, they were unwilling to jeopardize missing out on a donut treat. After the girls selected their donut and Mommy had coffee we began to walk to the van. Olivia came across a nice elderly couple walking to their car too. Olivia offered a bite of her donut to the "grandpa" as she put it. At first he didn't understand what Olivia was saying. His wife was able to translate Olivia's donut filled question. He and his wife were utterly tickled with Olivia's gesture. He declined politely and Olivia went on her merry way. Absolutely funny!


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