My morning

Every morning with the girls is different. Since my schedule is not consistent my work hours are always different. Sometimes I'm in a rush other times I'm relaxed depending on the workday. Tuesday & Wednesday are my early days. I have to be at work by 10am.

Ha-ha you may be saying. You wish that you could do that....well yes that's true I do have it a bit good getting to come in to work at 10am.

Ok to eliminate any confusion here's my work week:
Sunday Monday off
Tuesday & Wednesday 10am-6:30pm
Thursday 3-11:30pm
Friday 1:30-10pm
Saturday 9:30am-6pm
and any other days when absences of other staff members requires me to fill in. Yes it is good to be me but then it's not so good.

As I was saying. Sometimes I can sleep until 8am and those days are very nice, particularly if it occurs on a Thursday or Friday morning. Most everyday the girls wake early usually 6:30am. By 7am they are ready to get up and go play and will not tolerate mommy sleeping in. The 4 year old sleeps in a bed and the 2 year old still sleeps in her crib. Leah is able to get up and move about whereas Olivia requires help to get out of her bed. Which often causes problems with Olivia...she likes to be moving and prefers not to be trapped in the crib. One day soon she will just jump and that I am afraid may end up causing an injury.

On my late workdays I am greeted by Leah creeping into my room staring at me. She will ever so loudly say something like "It's morning mom. Time to get up." Then she will tell me about wanting to wear a particular outfit, a dress, and that she's really hungry. Then I hear Olivia rattling her crib rails yelling "Momma! Momma! Get me out! I hungry! Momma wake up!" like some sort of prisoner. She often has a wild look about her when I go in to rescue her from the crib. Once free she begins talking a mile a minute and buzzing around the bedroom. She could be part tazmanian devil.......

After they have been dressed they are herded downstairs for breakfast. We agree on the food and they sit nicely at the table to eat. I figure that for the 5 minutes they are eating I can at least take a shower without being barged in on. Because that is like a treat, to take a shower and not have the bathroom door wide open while the parade of children trompe through. They are happily eating away when I make a break for the shower.

I am going about my showering when I hear a tiny voice outside the door. I think to myself 'I just got into the shower. How can they be done?' I hear the door open and Olivia's voice fills the room. "Momma?!"

Suddenly the shower curtain flings open and a beautiful smiling Olivia is staring at me. "Momma what are you doing?" The standard question a child asks every time they see you doing an obvious activity.

I explain that I'm taking a shower and will be done soon. She smiles and moves on to business. She has come in to invite me to a tea party. "Momma you want to have a tea party?" gently placing a tea setting on the bathtub ledge. By this time Leah has come in, the bathroom door is still wide open, she is coming to check on my attendance to the party. I explain that due to my current circumstance, showering, that I may not be able to attend the party and if they would start without me. They agree and leave. I manage to close the door and try to bring my body temperature back to normal again.

When I am dressed and ready to go to the party they have since moved on to another activity: being dogs.


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