Time for Bedding

With the bunk beds almost complete the next thing to do is find blankets to fit the bed. Both girls are sleeping on toddler beds so the need for twin sized blankets is a high priority. Good news is Leah's blankets were purchased last year for her 4th birthday. We were planning to buy her a bed for her birthday last year but Daddy decided he would like to make one instead. Which means I'll need to find something for Olivia's bed.

We took a trip to the local mall to seek out a nice quilt for the bed. I went to every store in that mall and was not able to find what I think would look great in the room. Actually I was able to find the perfect quilt but it's not at a price I wanted to pay. I admit it. I have an obsession with Pottery Barn products. An expensive and silly obsession. They make beautiful quilts and pretty bedding. I'm all about pretty bedding and quality. Looking at other brands with nice prints was a waste of my time; they just did not compare. The Pottery Barn quilts are prettier and made better. They're thicker and are reversible. I like the two in one option.

I also love going to the store. It's fun. The girls can play with the dolls, furniture and toys while I shop. So perfect. I was able to find Leah's quilt on sale last year but this time there were none on sale. Darn. Olivia insisted on the bright pink quilt. It was the lowest priced one but I'm afraid it just was not going to look right. I found a nice white quilt with pink roses. So very pretty and fit for a princess. Not excited about paying a lot of $$ for it but I hope that since their products are of good quality this blanket will last a long time.

Now on to Target to find sheets. I can't pay $70+ for sheets no matter how cute and pretty they are at Pottery Barn. That's outrageous.


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