Valentine's Day 2005

I had a very nice Valentine's Day. Mondays are my normal day off so this year it worked out nicely. Unfortunately my valentine needed to be at work all day. Boo. However he left me a wonderful surprise to keep me busy and thinking of him. He set up a treasure hunt for me to find my gift.

He left a note for me on the dining room table introducing me to the hunt. He typed the letter on pink paper with hearts all over.
It began:

Dear Wife,

Sorry I cannot spend the whole day with you lying around in Ouray's hot springs. However, since I cannot do that, I decided to leave you a list. Don't worry; it should be easy today. Solve the clues and find the surprise. I wish you well.


Destination Known: 550 straight through to CH in the US.

As I rubbed the sleep from my eyes I became very excited about the prospect of searching for my gift. Oh how fun it was to have a treasure hunt. The child in me was so very pleased. Since he gave me quite a big hint I knew that my next clue would be in the Road Atlas. You see Ouray is a special place in Colorado that we love to visit. Ahh hot springs.....

I was correct the next pink clue was waiting for me in the Colorado map:
Clue 2:
As you probably guessed, the map is not your Valentine's present. Although, I think it is pretty good. Your next clue: The key ingredient for pumpkin pie that one should never forget.

Answer to the clue: SUGAR! Way back when we were young in college my husband made a pumpkin pie to take to his parents' home for Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful pie, picture perfect. After the meal our mouths were watering for that delicious pie. He delicately cut each person a piece and served us. However when his Sister took the first bite and exclaimed "YUCK!" everyone dropped their forks. She continued "It's not sweet. Ick. It tastes like there's no sugar in it." And in fact my husband did forget to add the important ingredient. Since then the family joke is to always ask if there's sugar in the pumpkin pie.

Pink clue found in the sugar bowl:
Clue 3:
Sugar, what an odd Valentine's gift?! That was probably too easy for you. Now pay attention, because the clues are starting to get more difficult. Your next clue: Why am I green? Why do I hide in the dark? How come no one drinks out of me?

This pertains to a cup in the cupboard that the kids love to use but Mommy does not. It's a green glow in the dark cup with a straw attached. I choose not to let them use it for the obvious reason: beverage will inevitably end up on the carpet.

Pink clue found inside cup:
Clue 4:
Odd to find a hippo in the cupboard. Don't see your Valentine's gift? Neither do I! Your next (final?) clue: A critical review; you give the birdies this to perch on.

So far the clues were pretty easy and fun but this one stumped me. I really had a hard time trying to determine the answer. I nearly tore the house apart looking for it. I was determined to find the next clue. I was getting closer to my treasure. The excitement was mounting. During the time I was looking for the next clue 2 dozen roses were delivered. A very beautiful selection. I love to get flowers.

Pink clue discovered in the DVD Roxanne. Yipee!
Clue 5:
Roxanne!!!! You must be getting close or just really, really lost and frustrated. Your last clue: Take the number of days we've been married, multiplied by your age and divided by my age, times four plus the number of flowers you received today minus the number of seasons of Survivor we watched together.

Whew! Didn't think I'd ever get that one. Searching for the next clue really caused me some confusion. I actually tried to figure out the calculation above, much to my husband's joy. He found it funny that I actually tried to figure it out. You see, I was supposed to use the scientific calculator and not my little dinky one. Since I did not think to use his calculator I didn't find the next clue until he came home and told me to look for the other calculator.

Pink clue found in husband's scientific calculator:
Clue 6:
Math?! On my day off! How could he?! Turn around and look behind the cookbooks for your present. Enjoy.

As I pulled the cookbooks out I discovered a beautifully wrapped gift. Whoo-hoo! Treasure found! My husband selected a beautiful silver watch that I have been eyeing for some time. I finally have a nice watch to wear to work and on our dates. What a wonderful husband. I love it when he does things like this. He always keeps me guessing. Now that's romance.


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