Water heater

We have a very irritating problem with our water heater. It's leaking and causing a large mess in the basement. This appliance is a very important part of the household yet its design makes the least bit of sense. Why would you place and maintain a vessel with 30+ gallons of HOT water in your home? To have hot water at the turn of a faucet you say. Yes now that makes perfect sense.........if you like to waste energy and like to store lots of temperature regulated water in a house.

Because we do not like to waste energy and would like to further avoid any future leaks we investigated options to the traditional tank version. Tankless is where it's at..if you can find one that is. We searched all over the area and were not successful. There are plenty of these things online and that's great. We also found plenty in stock that run on gas but none for electric households. Being an electric house we have to miss out on great things like a tankless water heater. We bought a traditional tank variety and it will be installed on Monday.

Happy Valentine's Day mom.


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