Empty Ice Cream Container

My husband typically serves the family dessert, if available. After we have completed a carton of ice cream the container usually ends up filled with water in the sink. He has done this for years. It never fails to happen every time.

For what reason? To rinse the container so it's clean for the trash? I have posed these questions to my husband. He was not "at liberty to explain" he reasons for doing this. Yet he did say "I want to pass this on to my daughters."

It is a minor thing that drives me batty. Mostly because cardboard/paper ice cream containers desinigrate after being soaked in water for a long period of time. And I have a hard time understanding the purpose of filling the container with water. I have explained my reasoning for why this drives me crazy to which he replied "You know 80% of the population does this while the other 20% is trying to ruin them."

At that point I smacked my elbows, it was take down time.

Husband's final comment: "Go ahead and blog this story. You are trying to publicly humiliate me so I'll change my ways. It won't work!"


Judith said…

I have to agree with you there.


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