Morris the Cat

Morris is the neighborhood cat. Actually he belongs to the neighbor across the street but Morris does not like to be confined indoors. He looks just like the cat Morris used in the 9 Lives cat food commercials. This character debut in 1968. If you have no idea what I mean then you missed out on some seriously simple advertising. Morris is a finicky orange tabby cat that would only eat 9 Lives cat food. And there has been a revival of him as a mascot so you can check out the 9 Lives website to see the visual.

Weird Trivia: Morris the Cat campaigned to be elected President of the United States in 1988 and again in 1992. Although popular Morris lost his bid for the presidency.

The girls love our neighborhood Morris. He's a dirty outdoor cat that loves a belly rub and an ear scratch. The girls like to give him sticks. Because "cats need sticks" I was told. Anyhow he's a nice cat, the local welcome home crew.


Anonymous said…
We also have a neighborhood cat.His name is Shoeless(don't ask me why because I didn't name him.)He's a dirty outdoor cat who loves a belly rub and ear scratch too.He likes to eat bubbles not sticks.

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