Trapped in Wal-Mart

I had a dream that I was trapped in Wal-Mart. More like a nightmare. This dream woke me up.

At first the dream was very normal and boring. I was shopping with my children, going through the typical purchases, pushing my way through the crowded isles. It's when I get to the checkout and begin to exit when the dream gets weird. As I head for the door I notice an area with furniture to my left while the exit is to my right. For some odd reason I am drawn to the furniture, almost in a trance like state. I push the cart filled with kids and products toward this furniture. Then as I am looking at chairs the lights go out, all the people disappear and the front exit door is gone. I'm in the dark and what seems to now be the middle of the large store. I begin to feel trapped and afraid. Not for me but afraid for my kids. That's when I woke up and felt pissed off.

I hate to have bad dreams but really hate it when my bad dreams involve the children. So I conclude that Wal-Mart is evil. If I have awful dreams about this store it must be a bad, bad place. That and for its other terrible policies and conquering business practices.


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