Daddy's Back!

Daddy has made it back to the US safe and sound. He looked great and we were all very glad to see him at the airport. It had been a fun week with Aunt Sarah.

Daddy brought along 2 kangaroos for the girls, eucalyptus lotion for Mommy and Sarah got eucalyptus logs. Daddy was stopped at the airport when he landed in San Francisco on account of these eucalyptus logs. They are packaged in a steel canister and could be deemed suspicious by airport security.

Sarah cracked open the canister on our way home from the airport and WOW! Those are some powerful things. They are very aromatic. We haven't tried them yet, mostly because you most likely will carry with you the scent of these logs. It could be a good way to keep people away. He was told by an Aussie that these logs are candy, but after reading the canister Sarah discovered that they really are throat lozenges. However they are made mostly of sugar and very little eucalyptus extract so I suppose they could be labeled as candy.


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