How George Died

Today in the car Leah asked me about George Washington. Ever since we visited Mt. Vernon with Aunt Sarah Leah has been first confused and second interested.

The whole time we were there Leah presumed that we were visiting the house that belonged to Curious George. When we showed her Washington's picture she blurted out "He's not a monkey!" She was confused as to why the beds were so big and that the Man in the yellow hat wasn't around; it all made sense after her monkey comment.

She became interested in George because he died. She wanted to know why and how. Now that I think about it, I suppose it does seem odd to visit the house of a person that is not alive. That was the first time we visited a house without a living resident. Daddy explained how and why George passed away, still she was a tad confused. She's still trying to learn the concept of time.

However today she has rationalized it as I discovered in our conversation:

Leah: "Mom? Do you know how George died?"
Mom: "George the monkey?"
Leah: "No. The other George."
Mom: "Oh. You mean George Washington."
Leah: "Yes, him. Do you know how he died?"
Mom: "Yes. He was....."
Leah interrupts: "No. I'm telling you. Please listen. George died because he had an ouchie on his foot. He got too sick and old and died. He was older than Grandpa I."
Mom: "Oh. I see. Thanks Leah for telling me."
Leah: "You're welcome Mom."

So you see that's really how George Washington died.


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