Momma Kanga

The girls love Winnie-the-Pooh and thoroughly enjoy reading the stories and watching the DVDs. We have a few of the movies and they LOVE them. For some reason they have become enamored with a role play sort of game. They like to pretend to be characters from the stories.

It all started with Leah asking which character I preferred. This discussion was had in the car ride to the market. As we discussed each character at length the three of us girls came to a conclusion as to who would be what. Oliva claimed Baby Roo and at first Leah liked to be Rabbit. Everyone agreed Daddy would be Eeyore. And despite what Mommy would have preferred the girls decided it was best for me to be Kanga. As Leah stated "Kanga is the momma."

So there you have it. A little 100 Acre Wood in our own family. Now that we have become this little group of characters the girls enjoy to pretend to be these animals. As time has passed Leah has decided that Rabbit may not be the best choice for her. She has since created a new unofficial character "Sally". Sally is Roo's big sister. So now we have everyone set I can explain why they love this so much. You see, Kanga is a tender and sweet mother, ever gentle. In the movie Piglet's Big Adventure there is a scene where Kanga refers to the other characters as "dears". That just tickles the girls silly; they love it and love being called little dears.

So now when the girls call me Momma Kanga I know that they want to be paid attention to and most importantly be called dears. It's so sweet. I will play along usually for 10 minutes or so or at least until their attention is turned to something else. Momma Kanga likes to play pretend too.

The other wonderful part of this is my littlest Olivia. She likes to snuggle up to me on my lap and ask "Do you love me Momma Kanga?" And I always reply "Yes I love my little Baby Roo dear."
My favorite part of all.


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