Patio Project Continued

I took the girls to work with me so that Daddy could get a head start on the laying of the stones. When we came home Daddy had not made too much progress. He had a hard time locating the proper materials for the patio. Flagstone comes in pallets costing about $400. They are very large stones and I would say too large for one person to move. He was a tad frustrated since we did not want to spend $400 on stones that would most likely not be enough to complete our patio. After an hour or so of checking a few garden centers we found the perfect stones at Meadows Farms. We bought a pallet of fieldstone. This was a mixture of small stones and large pieces that could be used to make the patio, and didn't cost nearly as much as flagstone.

Daddy spent the afternoon laying the patio. It's looking really great. He worked until the sunset, about half the yard was complete. I'll finish the rest tomorrow.


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