To be like Bambi

Today I discovered Leah eating some flowers from my garden. Zoinks! The freaked out mother in me, well, freaked out. Leah was sitting very nicely on the front lawn helping herself to some phlox flowers. This disturbed me. I'm not clear on the safety of the plants in my garden, yes I am a bad mother for not knowing. However after having 2 children that hardly put anything in their mouths I suppose that I never imagined that I would ever have a problem like this.

Anyway I spotted her munching on the flower and immediately went nutty by yelling "Don't eat the flowers!" Ok, so that made her cry, Leah is a sensitive girl. I had her come in so we could talk about this and to inform her of the basic rules of life. Mainly DON'T eat plants from the garden or well anything not purchased at a market and put on your plate. I explained that where I understand that she wants to be like Bambi, there is a difference between them. I told her that her tummy is very different from a deer's and that what she and Bambi can eat safely is sometimes the same but also different. She understood that Mommy was only frightened and not mad so she began to become happy again. And she promised not to eat anymore plants from the garden. I hope am I ever gonna explain that one to the ER?


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