The Unexpected Weekend Project

This morning Daddy said he was going to re-do the back patio. 7:30am he jumps out of bed and is gung-ho. We have been discussing ideas but had not come to any real conclusion. Daddy wants a deck. Mommy wants a flagstone patio. So, yes. I was alarmed to say the least. We hadn't even agreed on anything plan-wise let alone pulled together supplies for it.

Currently we have a flagstone patio and mud. The patio has sunk a bit in front of the back door and really needs to be replaced with something new or be raised up and re-set. The true goal is to prevent any more water from pooling up in front of the door and getting rid of the mud pit yard. We can't seem to get grass to grow. Our backyard is too shady and the soil is really bad. We have tried for 2 years with no luck. So what ever we do, patio or deck, the whole yard will be done and no more grass. However I went to work and left Daddy to the tearing up of the back yard to prepare it for the new patio. With faith that nothing crazy would happen.


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