And the Dam Burst

What a weekend.

The party on Saturday went very well. Great friends, great food, great conversation. The day was a sunny and nearly a hot one, the stormed rolled in around 4pm. We were not worried since we had a canopy over the table and were able to retreat to our dining room when the rain came down too hard.

It was a nice evening husband realized the basement flooded. 9pm and the basement was wet, wet, wet.


We all scrambled to the basement to inspect the damage. Our office carpet was soaking wet, enough water to nearly be standing water. The carpet was saturated. Luckily the water only seeped under the wall only to 1/4 of the playroom. We were perplexed. How did this water get in here? Then we noticed the basement window. The water from outside had found its way into the window well and drained into the house through the window frame. Ugh!

Did I mention that I didn't get to finish my wine?

Everyone began to help us remove everything from our office to dry land. After we removed enough junk the wet/dry vac was used to suck up the standing water. A few hours later the vac sucked up at least 40 gallons of water. Once the carpet was sucked mostly dry we ripped up the carpet and removed the carpet pad. It was disgusting. The carpet would not dry otherwise. Besides the carpet pad was soaked with gross mud water and would forever hold the stench of musty stinky water damage.

My dear office-mate and her husband were so great. (They're the kind of people everyone should be blessed to have as friends.) They were willing to help as much and as long as needed. And we NEEDED the help. I can't ever thank them enough.

For the past day we have been letting the basement dry out. The carpet should be dry by now or nearly so. Now on to preventive measures.



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