And the Rain Came

It rained all night and most of today. I had nightmares all last night that the basement flooded again. Visions of water seeping through the walls and ceiling filling the basement. I can't handle dreams like that. Way too freaky.

Since I go to work late on Fridays I was watching the backyard obsessively. The second level gutters were overflowing and lots of water was collecting against the house. Where we didn't want the water to be. My neighbor lady's gutters are also clogged and of course are draining onto my storage shed roof with such speed that it is pouring onto the patio next to my house. Yet the barriers my husband created were holding.

As the rain continued I began to worry. The water began to seep into the window well and was collecting. About an inch of water pooled when I began to worry. I would not be able to go to work and know that water could end up in my basement again. I am not willing to go through another night of water pumping. I put on some work clothing and began to remedy the problem. I dug a big trench. I went a bit crazy, look out Mommie Dearest here comes trench lady. I was on my hands and knees digging with my hands and a garden trowel. I removed a few flagstones and dug a trench piling the sand and gravel in a heap behind me. I directed the water away from the house into the garden and common space.

I made a mess. A mess of the yard, patio and myself.

The patio will need major work now to repair it. I didn't know how else to get all that water to drain away from the house. It was getting too high and with the forecast calling for more rain tomorrow I am not in any mood for worry. I suppose that tomorrow I will figure out a way to resolve the pooling water problem and repair the patio. As the husband says "it should involve arches and aqueducts".

Perhaps it may.


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