A bit of help

Today I was at the market picking up a few items for the BBQ party tomorrow. I love Wegmans. How have I managed lift thus far without a grocer like this? Every piece of produce I have purchased there has been delicious. Not one piece have I needed to toss. To me the condition of a market's produce section is an indication of its message. If the produce requires constant sorting through then I begin to wonder about its freshness. I also like that they support a eco-friendly line of products. They have an entire section of the store devoted to products that are environmentally friendly. For year I have had to search all over the place to find the beauty products I like, mostly they are carried at little health food stores and are OVER priced. Yet I do miss Wild Oats in Denver.

As I was at the checkout an elderly woman in an electric wheelchair shopping cart pulled in behind me. She was a beautiful woman dressed nicely. Her basket was half full and she looked very tired. I noticed that she had a walking cane and her ankles were very swollen. Those wheelchair baskets are a great idea but I'm not sure how the person using it would be able to place their purchases on the belt. This basket was huge and she would have to lean uncomfortably to reach her items. I had placed all of my items on the belt and asked her if she needed any help. I offered to put all her groceries on the belt saying that my doing so may help her day go a little better. The tired look on her face disappeared and a beautiful smile formed. She said thank you and that she appreciated me helping her. As I placed her items on the belt we chatted. She told me her son and his family were visiting and that's why she needed to get so much. She pointed to the product in my hand and told me that he likes "weird" drinks and other odd items. Really I wasn't paying attention to the things in her cart, perhaps she thought I was. Actually she had nothing I would deem weird. The weird drinks were fancy flavored waters and some organic snacks were the other odd items.

She began to compliment me on being so nice and how she appreciates my help. I thanked her for her kind words. I reassured her that it was a very simple thing for me to do and that I wanted to help her. I told her that I chose a profession that involves helping people, its my nature to be helpful. My choice was to help her and it was not an incovenience. She said that she truly believes there are nice people in the world and that her son disagrees. She told me as I left that now she has an example to tell him. I wished her a happy visit with her family and made my way out of the store.

As I walked to my car I began to think that perhaps there are more people that do not help those in need. I pray that when the time comes for me that a nice person will help me when I need assistance. Call it Karma or goodwill. I have faith there are decent people in this world that would and will do the same as I today.

It was a good day.


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