The Lady in search of Lemon # Cake

One Saturday morning, some time ago, I was at the local Starbucks waiting in line to get my overly priced preppie coffee. You know the drill, well for those of you whom go there, as you queue up the Barista will take your order while the cashier rings you up. It's rather practical way of getting customers served efficiently. Any how....the elderly, grumpy, uber-coifed, pushy woman behind me was on a mission. She came in looking to buy a WHOLE lemon pound cake. Since this particular franchise did not have an extra WHOLE lemon pound cake to sell she was outta luck. And of course not pleased. Very displeased, she muttered some nasty things and fumed out of there. Her little breakfast party will not go well.....that's too bad. (Really I shouldn't be so nasty, but last time I checked Starbucks built its name for selling COFFEE not selling WHOLE cakes.)

So off she went in search of a Starbucks that actually had a WHOLE lemon pound cake to sell. Good grief. By the time she finds one she could have make a box mix and served it up, or better yet go to a local bakery and get one. Actually I suspect that by the time she finds a store that has one to sell her it will be lunch time.

I've had their lemon pound cake, sure it's good, but come on is it worth the effort? Seriously. I would not devote my beautiful Saturday morning to driving all over the area in search of a stupid overly priced lemon pound cake.


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