Mother's Day

Today we went to the mountains for a day of hiking. We spent most of our time walking in Big Meadows. It's a large meadow plenty of open area to explore. The girls enjoyed wandering around through the grass. It was very windy so many people brought kites to fly. We watched as a father was showing his children how to fly their kite, the girls were very interested. Daddy bought a kite not too long ago and they were able to use it once before it broke. Maybe next time we'll bring along a kite to fly.

During our walk we took a snack break. As we relaxed on the soft grass I pawed through the clover patch next to me.

My husband says "Are you looking for a four leaf clover?"
I reply "Well, yes. Why not, you never know where you'll find one."
He says with a smirk "You won't find one here, this isn't your lucky four leaf clover patch."

I give him a sly look point and say "Ahh here's one." He didn't believe me at first, thinking I was joining him in teasing me, once he inspected it he looked at me baffled. Within the next five minutes two more were found. After the third one he says "Okay, that's enough, we'd better get a move on before Mommy finds anymore four leaf clover." I did not collect the clovers I found, they still remain in their patch for someone else to find, or as my husband said "for Bambi to eat".

As we walked back the discussion remained on the four leaf clover topic. My husband still is amazed with my ability. He reminded me of the first four leaf clover I found in the DC area. Before we moved here we planned a visit to explore the area and look for housing. We stayed at a hotel in Silver Spring, not too far from the metro stop. One afternoon on our way from the metro to our hotel I noticed a four leaf clover. My husband will point out that this clover was located in the tiniest patch of grass along the sidewalk. I saw it by chance, I happened to look down and bam there it was. I wasn't really looking for one, it just popped out at me. So I suppose I agree with him, that was the most impressive find.

Best of luck to you all and Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!


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