Today began as a normal day. Husband went to work, I dropped off the kids at pre-school and went to work. Mid-afternoon I received a call from my Husband. He began with small talk and then casually said "Did you get a call from the hospital today?" and I was not sure if he was joking or really where he was going with this. He then went on to explain how he was at the hospital earlier. He had cut his left index finger and required 8 stitches. Ouch!

This morning as usual he was on his way to the USPTO when his accident occurred. I asked how he managed to cut himself so severely he told me he was in the car using a pocket knife to open a package containing a cord for his laptop. Still confused I pressed for more information.

You see my husband was not using proper safety procedure when using a sharp object. Instead of cutting AWAY from the body (as I think most people are taught in kindergarten) he cut TOWARDS the body. And then it made sense.

He was taken to the ER by his boss. Upon his return his co-workers gleefully teased him. They too were perplexed. Why would anyone cut towards themselves? After hearing the story one co-worker told him frankly "I have no sympathy for you." That was a bold statement, I think most of his co-workers were thinking the same, just they were too polite to say anything. My husband was given a pair of children's safety scissors from his co-workers, and all sharp objects have been removed from his office.

His finger is bandaged and he is fine. Just minor pain that can be soothed by some advil. In two weeks all he'll have is a reminder of what not to do when using a knife.


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