Support Ribbons

What is with those magnetic support ribbons all over cars today? I was traveling behind a car that must have had at least 50 all over the back. What is with this sudden trend? A ribbon for every cause.

There was a commentary on NPR in February titled What Is the Real Message of Yellow Ribbons on Cars? questioning the meaning behind the yellow support the troops ribbons. Very interesting. Because I wonder if people are putting these things on their cars because they believe in and support the cause or if it's because it is trendy? I doubt that driver of the car covered in all those ribbons actually supports all of those groups.

These magnetic support ribbons seem now to be what the "Baby on board" and similar signs were of the early 80's. Don't you remember those? How silly they were. You know, I have seen some cars around here with those signs suctioned to their back windows. I wonder if those signs are 20 years old or if they actually went and bought one new.


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