To prevent Noah from visiting again

We have been trying to remedy our basement flood potential. Many thoughts have been filling our heads. There were many factors involved as to why the basement flooded but that is neither here nor there. It happened and now we need to concentrate on preventing it from happening again.

On Sunday my Husband spent the day digging out the window well. We discovered that the developer or past residents of our home, and us neglected to notice that the window ledge is level with the soil surface in the window well. We were inviting a flood to come on in. How stupid of us not to notice. Initially he wanted to put a sump pump in the window well, however that would require a very large and deep hole. Not something we reasonably can do. He managed to get the soil ten inches below the window ledge. I think that is fantastic and will most certainly help reduce the likely-hood of water seepage through the window. He also installed an additional window well to put around the existing one. This one is set up higher and acts as a second line of defense. The next barrier is a gravel filled oval trimmed with a black plastic garden divider, our first line of defense.

He installed gutter covers to prevent our gutters from getting clogged with gunk. The clogged gutters caused excess water to spill out onto the new patio and drain to the lowest point, our window well. We have yet to get to the second level gutters. They are a bit too high and I would prefer someone else other than my husband to climb up on a ladder and clean them. I plan to call a gutter cleaner next week.

Now we need to wait and see this week if the rain will drain away from the house and stay clear of the window well. We may need to further slope the patio, but not sure how much more. We'll see on Friday when the rain comes.


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