The Big Five

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!

It's our Anniversary today. Five years, two kids, one cat and several jobs and relocations later. We're still in love, and have been enjoying our marriage. Since this is a milestone it was decided to do something that corresponds with the anniversary gift list. The fifth anniversary gift is the gift of wood. (Now behave, clean thoughts people.) Today we spent working on the gift to each other, a new bed. My husband has been planning to make us a bed out of cherry for about......ummm....oh yes, right 5 years.

As I was saying we worked on the bed today; He actually began last week. Today we went forward with the major cutting of the wood. Last week he bought some of the wood to get a head start with all that complete we needed to pick up the rest of the wood. We spent the first part of the day selecting the wood at Colonial Hardwoods, Inc. a total wood workers dream store. They have over a 100 different kinds of wood to choose from, even hard to get items. While my husband selected the wood I browsed around. There were all sorts of wood I have never seen before, only heard of in woodshop stories. Have you ever seen African black ebony wood? That is some seriously expensive and dense wood. It would cost thousands of dollars to make a bed out of ebony and of course it would weigh about a ton.

While we waited for our cherry wood to be milled we went to the local Lowe's to pick up a table saw for the man. This is a necessary item to have if I want to have a bed before my 10th anniversary. Besides considering the amount of woodworking he does, as in this is his hobby, a table saw is an important piece of equipment. He selected the Tradesman 10" tablesaw with stand and extensions and dust bag, very nice. I do hope (and pray) that by having a table saw it will reduce his chances of cutting off a finger by trying to wrangle together a make-shift table saw with his current set-up consisting of a work bench, clamps and circular saw.

As we left the Lowe's with table saw in tow I remarked how this anniversary has been quite the man's dream day. A nice big breakfast at a diner, picking out cherry at the wood store, selecting a table saw and spending the day woodworking outside.

He chuckled and said: "Yes I suppose it is. What is the 10th anniversary gift?"
I replied: "Diamonds."
He looked at me, not sure if he should believe me and says: "So on the 10th it's Paris and you get to pick out some diamonds."

Ding-Ding-Ding! We have a winner! I am going to really remember this conversation; Because baby I'm going to Paris, France to get me some nice diamonds.

Point of clarification: I did remind him that in fact he did say Paris and I made sure he meant Paris France and not Paris, Texas or something of the sort. As the day progressed he kept asking "Exactly what did I promise you for the 10th?"

Yes my love, it's Paris, France on our 10th and diamond jewelry will be included and mandatory.

Thanks for a wonderful five years and a nice day together.


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