Of Lawns and Men

My step-father....this sounds like the beginning of a fairytale; My step-father has been spending his time building up a lawn service business over the past year. For many years (since high school) he has worked at a printing press, just like good 'ol Ben Franklin. As the years have passed the printing business has slowed he has needed to find something else to keep him busy. Hence the creation of a lawn service. He has always done this on the side for as long as I can remember, cutting trees and grooming bushes for various family members. It's not like he suddenly said "Hey why not motor around on a lawn mower all day? That would be an easy way to spend my free time and make money." No, rather something he likes to do. He is an outdoorsy sort of fellow, loves to camp and fish. So it does not surprise me that he has become a lawn guy.

My mother informed me not too long ago about the new business and his clients. Here's our conversation through the AIM:

Me: What's Dad been up to lately? Is he still working part time at the print shop?
Mom: He has been working there part-time when they have work for him. They've been very slow lately, not so much business as in the past. Most of his time he is mowing lawns and cutting trees.
Me: Really? A full time lawn guy now? What kind of clients?
Mom: Some people in the neighborhood but most of his business is from the "we buy ugly houses" people, you know those signs all over the place along the roads?
Me: I see, he mows ugly lawns.
Mom: LOL. He has about 10 places now that he mows regularly, and has gotten some more clients. These newer clients actually live in their homes.
Me: And he also does the tree trimming in the summer?
Mom: Yes, here and there, more in the fall and spring. He's bone-fied (bonded) We had to take out insurance for that and other things to register the business.
Me: Yes of course....wouldn't want a lost arm to get in the way of your business.
Mom: LOL. You never know, that may encourage it.

As you can see sarcasm is something learned from my dear mother.


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