Ancient Condos

Impressive, I cannot say that enough. How creative these early people were to create such a city. Using the materials around they were able to build three-five floor buildings. All of the structures standing are original; nothing has been recreated. The park service will only maintain the buildings; they will repair to keep the buildings structurally sound. All of the wood is original and in great shape, core samples have provided the evidence. The juniper tree lumber is very oily and the perfect woody building material in this region. The high oil content of the wood makes it very moisture and arid resistant. There could not have been any more perfect of a wood to use.

I am impressed with the architecture. I noticed the part of the building with the most instabilty is the corner. Although they have poorly constructed corners the buildings have withstood many years. It also looks like that each level was built differently. You can tell that there were different additions and styles. Maybe the growing family required an additional room. I think the buildings are reminiscent of modern day row houses; each one looking similar enough but with minor style differences. Window and door styles varied, as did the rock.

The big question: Why did they leave?


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