At the family farm

Saturday we arrived on time, very little traffic and the drive was great. We ate a nice meal with Great Aunt Margaret, my Mom, Great Aunt Rose Mary, cousin Tracy and my niece Makayla. After supper the grown-ups sat under the large oak tree and chatted until 11pm. I can't believe how nice the day was, just a perfect warm day, light breeze, not too hot, cool evening and low humidity, too bad we were in the car for most of the day.

The wonderful weather yesterday did not carry over. Sunday was different. Hot humid with an afternoon rain. Ick. The BBQ had to take a mini break until the storm passed. Good thing it was so hot, the rain really cooled everything down. At dusk we gathered our group and watched fireworks in town. What a great display. For such a small town I didn't expect such a display it was a great treat. I really miss that up close feel. In larger cities you have to cram into a small space and most likely are far away. I loved watching the trees light up with thousands of fireflies. I've forgotten how spectacular those insects can be. The girls thought the trees had Christmas lights in them. These are the memories of childhood, of the country farm.

Monday morning we visited the Air Force museum at WPAFB. I love how Keith finally realized how crappy the Smithsonian is compared to this museum. Now he understands how come I am bored at the Smithsonian. If you are an airplane person then you want to visit WPAFB, you will not be disappointed.

We spent the afternoon with Aunt Lisa and Uncle JD. They have such a great house and the yard is the best part for the girls. We caught the fireworks in Tipp City. It too was a good display, but very crowded. Olivia was not fond of the fireworks, they were too loud for her little ears. She spent most of the time with her head buried in my chest with hands clasped over her ears. Leah just fell asleep! It was a long wait for the night to get dark enough. I am impressed that she could sleep through the noise.

Such yummy food the whole weekend I think that I have gained a bit of weight that I most certainly will need to rid myself of next week.


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