Beer Run

9:00 pm CST Midwest City

As we gassed up for tomorrow morning's ealy departure I watched two boys wok out a beer run. The one legal, or near legal, worked his magic in the store while the other non-legal boy drove the legal boy's car around the parking lot until the deal was done. The legal boy was buttering up the girl attendant and was successful in the end. The legal boy came around to his car. They did a guy cool victory hand shake and then traded the beer the car. The non-legal boy grabbed his prize and walked to his parked car and tossed the beer into his trunk. They both drove away and that was all. And I couldn't help but crack up.

Also I noticed that most everyone had a souped up car, or hot rod. Weird. Even the largest ugly girl had a fine car. There was an ugly boy with a great car too, I'm not going to be biased.

9:30 pm CST Oklahoma City.
We have reached our goal. And it's still hot out. Ugh no break from the humid heat. Staying the night here in a tolerable motel. The brochure was much nicer, actually the place was alomst dumpy. It's a bed and a shower and it beats sleeping in the van. We are getting up early tomorrow so off to bed we go.


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