Destination Successful

8:30 pm WST Tempe, Arizona

The drive down to Tempe was rather bothersome to me. The thumping noise became worse and my anxiety increased. So much so that the driver, Daddy, was more than willing to dump me off alongside the road and leave me alone in the desert. To my defense the drive was mostly down a mountain and traffic was very heavy, the need for brakes was necessary, I'm surprised the van held up.

On a positive note the drive was breathtaking. The sun was setting and we watched the red glow turn into darkness. The pine and spruce faded into cactus and the deep brown dirt became sand. It was nice to hear the children marvel at the beautiful sunset. They were so excited to see the colors decorate the canyon walls. No movie can compete with the artistic style of Mother Nature.

When we located the hotel Daddy turned the corner to get to the entrance and drove onto the bike path thinking that was the driveway into the hotel. So there we were cruising on the path, trying to figure out why the entrance was so odd, in the completely wrong place! I'm sure this was very amusing to passersby. We found it funny too. We made it to the Fiesta Inn. What a beautiful place. I really did not expect this place to be so nice. (Considering the length of our stay and other factors.) The room was beautiful, everything was pretty. Hard wood floors and furniture. A nice lantern was lit on top of the TV armoire and gave the room a lovely welcoming feel. After driving in the heat for so long the pool was like a blue gem to us. We are going to have a great time this week. I am looking forward to spending time by the pool. It was a long drive and we were glad to be out of the van.


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