Reunion times

The men and some women went to golf this morning. Daddy had a hard time getting ready, we were wondering if he actually made it on time. The girls slept in until 8am. We went to meet up with the Grandmas for breakfast. Good thing I fed the girls before. I waited forever for the waitress and was never served. In fact the bill was late coming. All around terrible service. Mom complained to the manager and received a the meal free. We couldn't believe how terrible it was. A complete change from the day before. Mom took us out for lunch. I mentioned that all week I have been trying to get some decent Tex-Mex and have failed. She spied a little place near the sub shop we were going to eat. We knew it was going to be good when we noticed the menu was in Spanish and English. How right we were.


After lunch it was back to the pool until the banquet. The banquet was very nice. Great food and it was fun to talk to everyone. Today's temperatures High 102 3:01pm Low 80 7:10pm


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