I spy with my little eye......

An absurdly enormous white cross and a life size replica of the stations of the cross and the Crucifixion scene. All of this is within eyesite from I-40. Seems like an odd place for such a religious tourist attraction.

8:30 am CST Groom, Texas
We passed the largest cross in the western hemisphere. That's what the roadside signs say "Largest Cross in the western hemisphere". Yep it sure was BIG. Since I'm not an large cross expert I suppose it's the largest. However I have discovered that it is not in fact the largest. Effingham, IL has the largest cross. The Illinois cross is sponsored by the Baptist church and the Texas cross is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

We also passed a leaning water tower. Not sure for the reason of its lean. This was an odd town, more so than all those we have passed yet.


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