Let me look under your hood

Since Daddy had to go to his conference all day in Phoenix it was Mommy and the girls together all day. First we dropped Daddy off, not bad, traffic was a breeze compared to DC. We said our goodbyes and off we went in search of a supermarket and garage to look at our thumping tire problem. By 9:30am we arrived at the tire/garage recommended by the hotel. I was nearly at wits end by the time they were done looking at the van, an hour later. The whole time the girls were wound up and very bored, I didn't bring anything for them to do, so they became loud and obnoxious. I did not expect to wait that long. Turns out that they really didn't know what was wrong. It looks like it’s not a problem with the tire, something internal, transmission……They gave me the ambiguous answer of "it could be this, but we'd have to take apart that in order to be sure..." So they recommended that I take it to the Kia dealer for the slim chance that what ever repair that needed to be done may be covered on the warranty. HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah right.

Just great.

Any how they were very nice there, didn't charge me a thing, so it wasn't that terrible. I left a message for the K-man to update him on the van. As I drove listening to the now loud and obnoxious thumping thinking, 'this noise can't be good' and hoping that a solution would come soon. By the time we were done the girls were near meltdown lunch time was coming. I couldn't worry about the van right now, food was a priority. Since we're going to be here a while we needed some food anyhow. Off we went in search of a supermarket. Thump, thump, thump...... We loaded up on food and went back to the hotel.

We ate and relaxed until around 330pm.


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