Lunch in NM

12:00 pm MST New Mexico rest stop.

Good thing we had paper towels, soap and toilet seat covers in the van. We had to use them here. There were very yucky bathrooms, most toxic by far.

The picnic area was so much better than the bathrooms. We found a table under a tree near the non-working fountain. It was a very small green space in the middle of an arid barren area. It was so dry and hot out this little grassy area was such an unexpected treat. The dry air made our bread dry out so fast, we had to eat quickly if we wanted mosit bread.

We began to eat our sandwiches and chat when a nice trucker struck up conversation with us. As we talked he told us about his grandchildren, 3 boys, and how he misses them. His work keeps him away from his daughter so he hardly sees the boys. He offered us some pudding for the girls, which they were so happy to have, and chocolate their favorite. He was happy watching our girls chattering about the lizards scurrying around the rocks. I could tell he really missed his grandchildren. It must be so very lonely hauling goods across the country.

He was taking ticket machines to an airport in CA. He said he most likely will be taking Sweet n Low back to Atlanta. He was a nice interesting fellow. We wished him safe travels and he went on his way.


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