Mesa Verde Trivia

Here's some interesting facts about this national park:

Became a National Park - June 29, 1906

The first Ancestral Puebloans began settling this site between A.D. 500-A.D. 600 prior to that it is presumed that they were nomadic.

These people have been also called the Basketmakers due to their impressive skills. (Please do not refer to them as Anasazi.)

They did not initially inhabit the mesa alcoves, they built their Pithouses on top of the mesa where they farmed and hunted. It is believed that around A.D. 750 the people began to form villages in the alcoves.

By A.D. 1000 the Ancestral Puebloans began to construct stone buildings. The walls are made of thick sandstone. Often the buildings were connected together in units of 50+ rooms. Each room averaged in size of 6 feet by 8 feet. Many of the rooms were plastered and then decorated with paint.

Between A.D. 1100-1300 their masonry skills had improved because round towers emerged.

They domesticated dogs and turkeys.

The inhabitants lived in the dwellings for about 100 years and suddenly vanished.

*Information obtained from multiple handouts published by the National Park Service and from the ranger led tour.*


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