9:30 am EST

We noticed a nasty accident on east bound I-40. A very large truck, cement truck it looks to be, had flipped over right next to the on ramp. Traffic was stopped a mile away from the accident and was piling up pretty deep. The driver seemed fine, watching from the roadside while a large crane was attempting to lift up the truck.

I still haven't gotten a this is hard.

10:30 am EST

We stopped outside Nashville for some gas. The locals refer to Nashville as Nastyville, how charming, yet fitting for this gas station. This gas station shares space with an Arby's. I walked in the front door and facing me is the gas station register and a very southern loud middle-aged female attendant. She is chatting with everyone in the store. I can't get over the amount of make-up she has on, mighty dressed up too. To my left is the glass door to the Arby's. It was covered with the standard Arby's ads as my eyes scan the wall I noticed the large advisory on the glass door. It states: "Please do not bring alcohol into the dining area" Yep. Nothing like a beer and a roast beef sandwich- but not in this Arby's.

Back in the car we broke down and let the girls watch a DVD. They were very happy to watch Nemo. As we continued our drive through Tennesse we noticed a strange prevelance town names ending in -ville. Hmmm. Very odd.


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