Peanuts and trucks

1:30 am
Olivia is still awake chattering to herself. I am begining to wonder if Olivia will ever sleep. Leah has been asleep for a while. Before she fell asleep she remarked how she liked the beautiful "suns" along the roadside. She admired the simple beauty of the roadside reflectors. I am getting some sleep now, it's going to be a long day and I'll need some rest. My shift begins in 5 hours.

3:00 am
The girls are finally asleep. I am woken by the driver's snack attack. The K-man cracks open the can of salted peanuts and a diet Pepsi. I indicate that it seems rather odd to select such a snack. He continues to eat them stating "They'll keep me awake, and I'm hungry." Yep nothing like some early morning peanuts and a diet soda. I'm sure that this will haunt him later today.

7:00 am
I took over driving at 6am EST, and the car bingo game begins. We're in Tennessee and the traffic is picking up some more. We noticed two trucks similar make and model traveling close together, one red one black. Once we got closer we realised that the black truck was towing the red truck. The red truck was filled to capacity, including the cab and on its tailgate were the words "IN TOW".

K-man says "Why don't they just get a trailor?"
I answer in a drawl "Why use a trailor when you have a perfectly good broken down truck to tow around?"

He just realised that he has married a closet hillbilly.

7:30 am
I have completed one card in my bingo set. To win you have to get a bingo on each of your two cards. I'm almost finished with the second on too...won't be long now.


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