Fountain Play

The girls slept in today. All that swimming and playing last night with Anna wiped them out. We had to get going this morning. Daddy has one more day of the conference to go and we need to take him down town. The girls bounded out of bed at lightening speed when they heard “pool”. We took a quick swim this morning before dropping Daddy off.


We had lunch with Daddy today, yesterday we were too busy to come into town and meet him. We walked around Tempe looking for a lunch place, a lunch place that children would like. Chicken fingers for them tacos for us. After lunch we found a few fountains to play in. I snapped a few pictures of them running through the fountains in the square. It was so hot I too wanted to run through, Daddy did. Definitely air conditioning is required here. We spent the rest of the evening by the pool. And it was perfect. Today's Temperatures High:111 4:09pm Low: 91 6:35am


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