Put away that Velveeta

When Olivia saw Uncle Chris she mistook him for Grandpa. They look very similar. She was confused at first but then accepted the fact that Grandpas can have brothers. Both Leah and Olivia warmed up quickly to Uncle Chris and Aunt Michelle.

The girls ate very little. The mac ‘n cheese was too nice. They didn’t want the Velveeta kind, the cheap powder cheese kind is what they prefer. That got a few laughs; 30¢ is all it takes to feed them. They were too interested in the pool and their pets. They loved Anna (the dog) and Murphy (the turtle). We enjoyed our time by sitting in the beautiful pool in the backyard. It was nice to sit poolside and enjoy the night – a very hot night. It was a lovely meal and good company.

Drove home in a sandstorm. Weird.


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