Rise 'n shine Westerners!

We all wake up at 5:30am I guess we haven't adjusted to the West Coast time. Daddy gets ready for his conference, irons his suit jacket and is full of energy. I dress the girls and we are very hungry and ready for breakfast by 6:30am. We walked to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. We were one of very few patrons. All was quiet until we arrived.

Our littlest yet loudest was very excited to eat. It seemed that no matter how hard she tried to be quiet everything came out LOUD. She rattled everyone awake. I found it amusing since we were all wide awake. Watching the reactions of the sleep deprived staff and patrons was quite funny. Good thing she's sweet and cute. She saved us from the beating everyone most likely wanted to give us.

Our waitress was wonderful; funny and efficient. She saved us some money by hinting us to order less than was would have for the girls. The girls ate four bites of their pancakes and drank all their juice and milk. Another meal well spent.


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