Thunderstorm alley

Our journey through Indiana was mostly uneventful. Some porn billboards but no crosses in fields. Or maybe there were. It was raining and dark. We drove through some terrible thunderstorms. The rain seemed like it was coming from all directions. High winds and so much lightening. It was awful. I needed to use the restroom so we stopped at a gas station by this point we were only a bit ahead of the storm. When we got out a wall of wind carrying dirt and rocks hit us, Daddy opened the passenger side doors only to cause the debris to blow through the van all over the girls. I scolded him for that lapse of common sense. We each grabbed a girl and dashed inside the gas station. We made our stop quick and were back on the road. We stopped in Evansville, IN 11pm. It was such bad weather I was glad to stop. Still despite the rain it was sweltering out.


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