To Mesa Verde

Another early morning and busy day ahead. A cool 60 degrees and an early morning rain shower. I miss the morning smells of the mountains, seeing the low clouds and dark blue rain filled skies. Daddy thought I was nuts bringing the girls’ sweaters now he sees my doing so has paid off. He declined a sweater when we were leaving last week. As I pulled on my sweatshirt he walked away and mumbled something about jackets are for sissies. I noticed him shiver.

After a hearty breakfast off we went to Mesa Verde National Park. The rain kept coming and I was worried it would not let up. Hiking in the rain would not be ideal. We spent most of the mid-morning at the park. On the way up to the mesa it rained lightly but the winds were blowing fast and the clouds passed quickly. Thankfully by 9:30am the rain had run its course. The hot sun was back.


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