A boring day at the hotel. Daddy had more work to do and it was too darn hot to be outside for long. The girls became stir crazy and by the time I was losing my mind from all the copying of documents Uncle Mike called. They were poolside and waiting. I gladly dropped my work and headed to the pool. Just what I needed….freedom. By the time K-man returned most everyone in the F’laker family was arriving to the hotel. The children played with their cousins and we relaxed and caught up with the adults.

Uncle Chris took a bunch us to a great sushi restaurant. He offered to drive and I was wondering what sort of car he had that could accommodate us all. It was a RV. How silly we looked heading to a restaurant in a RV, it was the sushi tour of the west! K-man ate sushi, I was so proud. He even liked it. And I just plain enjoyed the food. Ahhh. Sushi. So good, what a treat. When we returned to the hotel Grandpa and the aunts were there. The girls were so happy to see them. Us too. It has been a long time.

Temperatures of the day High: 111 4:15pm low:91 6:32am


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