You have got to be fit to live here

I took many pictures, too many. The ranger had to shoo us away so the next group could move forward. We had to climb a series of ladders to get back to the parking area. This way was much safer than the way the residents took. On our climb I noticed the finger and toe holes carved into the walls. Thinking about that is incredible. As I watched my little ones climb the ladders well I was consumed with the thought of the natives. I'm sure their children wanted to go on top of the mesa but the only way was by using these toe and finger holes. Shivers went down my spine, I could feel the worry a mother would have for her children on their first trek upward. How many children died trying this? Far too many.

After looking at those notches in the wall I realized that these people were fit. Very fit. You had to be. There's no way you could go up and down that wall without being in shape. There wasn't much to grasp and the use of your strength is what kept you from falling. That I find to be fascinating.


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